• Do I need a career switch or am I having job burnout?

    One of the coolest things about being a woman is that we are legit, tried-and-true, bona fide people-versions of CHAMELEONS. What do I mean by this? Show me a woman who has not shifted her colors to be what is needed at the moment. We are versatile. We are adaptable. We are flexible. We are amazing beings in how we can respond to the environment around us, altering what we are, both internally and externally to fit the needs of others.

    The down side of this intense ability to vary, however, is that sometimes our ability to change, to shift, to adapt, dulls that voice inside of us that tells us who and what we REALLY are and what we really want.

    Job burnout can make us lose sight of what our own strengths are, and we can feel uncertain about how we ever even started in the career we’re currently in. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your way, your motivation, or your relationship with your work’s purpose, let’s talk. Figuring out when it’s time to stare down job burnout and/or make a career switch can be difficult to do alone. But you’re not!

    Considering career counseling? Worried about job burnout?

    Career-oriented concerns that bring people to counseling sometimes have them considering a career pivot. Nope, you are not your job, but damn if it doesn’t feel like that. Here are some common concerns I hear:

    • I did all the things and followed all of the rules that my parents/colleagues/spouse/trusted friends made. It’s finally time for me to call the shots, and I have no idea what I actually want for myself. Do I even like this line of work?

    • My boss needs me to do this because I am really good at it, but I actually hate it and feel like I’m dying inside each time I have to (name that crappy task.) What does being good at something that brings me zero joy say about me?
    • I’ve done all this training for my degree/career, etc., but now I’m not sure if this is what I even want.
    • Since I’ve been at home for the past 5 years, I have no idea if the career I had is anything like the career I actually want.

    Mom burnout got you unsure of your career, too?

    For more Mom Life-type info, click over to that page. Becoming a mom can bring up some deep-seated stuff, existential crisis stuff. Here are some things I hear that people want to bring to counseling sessions:

    • Now that I’m a mom, I don’t know who else I am outside of being “Name of kid’s MOM.”
    • My partner and I are really different kinds of parents, and I feel like I’m the crabby b*tch who is the fun police with the kids, but I used to be the life of the party!
    • I always thought I wanted to be a mom, but now that I am doing it I feel like there is so much I miss about my life before kids.
    • I’m honestly not the kind of parent I thought I would be. I had no idea I would feel so overwhelmed with worry and anxiety all of the time about my kid, my relationship, and the list goes on.

    Is your career unhappiness causing issues in your relationships?

    The changes in our lives can make us question ourselves and the relationships we have. Relationship topics frequently explored in counseling look like:

    • I’m not even sure this is the person I am supposed to be with, but our lives are so entangled that I can’t do anything else.
    • I’m at a place in my life where I feel like I’ve “outgrown” some of my old friendships.
    • If I don’t stay in a relationship with this person, I am not sure what my life looks like outside of him/her/them.
    • I can’t tell if I’m unhappy with my work or in my relatinship.

    Career Counseling & Identity Exploration Resources:

    Here are a few suggestions for ways that you can start look into some of the things that career counseling could help you dive more deeply into:

    VIA Strengths – this online personality assessment tool gives you some basics about your strengths. No, it’s not another Myers Briggs (MBTI) test.

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