• Divorce Counseling to Recover From Divorce

    No one ever grows up talking about how much they want to get a divorce someday. Divorce counseling can help you recover from divorce.

    Whether you wanted it or he/she/they wanted it, the pain remains.

    Whether you were together for a year or for 20, the pain remains.

    Whether it was amicable or ugly, the pain remains.

    Whether you’re with someone new or happily flying solo, the pain remains.

    Getting through a divorce can be overwhelming, but recovering from divorce is possible.

    Divorce Counseling in PA and MD

    Recovering from divorce

    Let’s face it, our society does not love divorce. You will feel like a failure, even though you may know, intellectually, that this was probably the best thing to ever happen to you. Family members and friends may talk in hushed tones around you about upcoming weddings or new relationships, making you feel even more weird, awkward, or alone.

    Getting through a divorce is f*cking brutal, but healing from divorce is achievable through divorce counseling. To get you on the road to healing from a divorce, these are questions that you may have about divorce that we can discuss in divorce counseling:

    • What was your identity in the relationship and outside of the relationship?
    • What was your identity before the relationship ever started?
    • What does effective co-parenting look like and is co-parenting counseling a thing?
    • How do I politely let people know that I am in the process of getting through a divorce?
    • Will this grief I am experiencing ever go away?

    Coparenting counseling

    In the “best” divorces, parents often want to try to amicably coparent their children. The definition of coparenting centers around two parents finding ways to fairly and actively raise their children together, even though they themselves are separate relationally. Coparenting means letting go of egos and stepping up creating a kid-focused dynamic.

    Coparenting counseling can help you set solid boundaries with your former partner and make the best requests that you can keeping in mind the best interest of your child or children. Your vision of what your family was is probably shifting, and coparenting counseling can help you get clear on your needs, your child’s needs, and your former partner’s needs so that you all can maneuver together this perfectly imperfect situation. Questions you may considering with coparenting counseling are:

    • Is it worth it if my former partner doesn’t attend?
    • Will my kids be ok living between two households?
    • How will I do this for the rest of my child’s life?
    • How can coparenting counseling be helpful if I am the only one seeking it?
    • Could I request coparenting support for my former partner and I and then work on myself, too?

    Divorce Counseling & Coparenting Counseling in PA and MD

    By even reading this, you have entered step one in getting through divorce. Your future may not be what you had envisioned, but I can assure you that hope is around the corner.

    Getting over a divorce is probably more appropriately called getting through a divorce because you really can’t just skip to the end when you’re fully recovered and “over” something that you thought was forever. That’s ok. Through divorce counseling and coparenting counseling, we can create space for you to grieve the loss of your relationship alongside re-imagining a future that you design for yourself and your kids, if you have them.

    Unexpected endings can be de-stabilizing, and new beginnings might feel scary, but you’re not alone. Divorce counseling will give you tools to move forward with your life.

    Resources for Getting Through a Divorce in Franklin County, PA