• Happy Birthday, Rockwell Wellness

    Welcome to the inaugural blog post for Rockwell Wellness Counseling, LLC! First, let me say thank you for being here – reading this, taking the time to even look at my website! I really appreciate it.

    Rockwell Wellness Counseling, LLC, though she lived a long time in dreamland, was just recently born out of the existential crisis brought on by the pandemic, COVID-19. I’ve long worked with teenagers and young adults, and sensing the despair, anxiety, and loneliness that many of us are experiencing right now, well, it just felt wrong not to be using my superpower – counseling – in our very chaotic world.

    A few things to know about me… I’m an extremely sensitive, introspective person, and I am happiest in a small group of family members or friends, having dinner or a casual evening together. Water calms my mind and body, and I try to swim every day; in fact, one of my life goals is to swim in as many different bodies of water as possible before I die! To date, I have had a swim in some noteworthy places, including 2 Olympic swimming pools, the Mediterranean Ocean, and I even managed a fall into Lake Tahoe. I have a laugh referred to by loved ones as, “the cackle,” and I enjoy dark humor that tiptoes close to the line of inappropriate.

    In past lives, I have been a Spanish and sex education teacher (best job ever!), coach, a dorm parent, and most recently, a school administrator. I have worked with teenagers and college students in a variety of ways, seeing them in classes, on the field, in the cafeteria, socially, and at home. Additionally, I spent several years working in a small, private college counseling center in which I was able to support students as they transitioned into college and then into life in the “real world.” I’ve worked with blossoming adults through transitions of sexual orientation, minor coping issues, major academic failures, and the onset of significant mental health issues, supporting them on a path forward to explore and uncover what makes life meaningful to them.

    All of this to tell you that, between what I do best, and what the world needs most right now – compassion – we wish Rockwell Wellness Counseling, LLC, a very happy birthday. We’re glad we’re here and hope that you are too!

    Good Read of the Month – August

    “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

    Each month, I will share one of my favorite resources or reads with you. There are so many incredible resources out there to help us; sometimes we just need help finding them.

    “I see your fear, and it’s big. I also see your courage, and it’s bigger. We can do hard things. – Glennon Doyle”