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    As a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania, I offer online counseling services in PA, largely focused on women in south central, PA, primarily serving the Mercersburg, Greencastle, Chambersburg, Carlisle, and Gettysburg areas. Having grown up in Mercersburg, PA, I have long lamented the lack of counseling services in our rural setting, but offering teletherapy services allows me to reach women searching for therapy in our area, as well as across the entire state of Pennsylvania. So, whether you’re located in the rolling hills of Mercersburg, PA or one of the adorable college towns of Carlisle, Chambersburg, or Gettysburg, if you’re looking for a therapist for women, I am at your service!

    Facts about Online Counseling in PA

    In order to provide counseling, in person or online, to someone, the therapist must be licensed in the state in which the client is located. Though there is a push to change legislation to allow for therapists to see clients outside of the state, my status as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania means that I also must work with clients located in PA.

    There are lots of types of teletherapy or online counseling services that are currently being offered, but I like that offering online counseling allows a modern approach to counseling for women. Rockwell Wellness Counseling is not a “subscription” model of counseling or online therapy like many of the other options that have grown in popularity over the past several years. I offer you an authentic online connection through which we will have weekly therapy sessions, yet you don’t have to drive or wait in a waiting room prior to an online therapy session. More on that in the next section!

    Even though I am physically located in the Mercersburg, PA area, my online counseling services for women can extend to women located anywhere in the state. When you’re looking for a therapist, and you’re open to the option of online counseling in Pennsylvania, you can now focus more on the right “fit” of a therapist, rather than just whoever is near to you, thanks to amplified teletherapy regulations due to COVID-19. Women’s counseling is my thing, so if you don’t have anyone like this in your own town, I’m here for you!

    Benefits of Online Therapy in Pennsylvania

    Many of my clients comment on the ease and convenience of online counseling. Especially for busy, independent women on the go, online counseling offers you the opportunity to do one less errand, as you can meet with me from the convenience of your couch, your home office, or, if needed, on your lunch break so that you don’t have to take additional time out of your day to drive to an appointment, park, and wait.

    If you’re located in one of our adorable small towns in PA, such as Chambersburg or Gettysburg, you know that something less than adorable can be access to privacy and confidentiality, something that is often very important to women seeking counseling services. By meeting online, your privacy is carefully protected, rather than encountering that awkward waiting room interaction.

    Another benefit to online counseling is that it allows you to add to your lifestyle a critical piece of self-care that maybe you’ve been putting off because it’s one more appointment. The process of getting childcare, getting dressed, and getting out the door to head to an appointment can feel a lot more like a marathon and a lot less like taking care of yourself. On the other hand, putting on sweatpants, pouring a cup of tea and taking an hour for an online counseling session focused exclusively on you is the kind of self-care many of us need these days. Full-comfort mode encouraged.

    People who may enjoy online counseling services in Pennsylvania:

    Finding a therapist online can feel a little weird, but many people who transition into this kind of counseling relationship report that it’s a way to easily done something they’ve been meaning to do for too long but haven’t had the time or energy for. Online counseling can be an especially helpful option for:

    • working moms who just can’t fit in another appointment
    • caregivers who can’t get out of the house
    • busy people with difficult, restrictive schedules
    • people for whom a 50-minute counseling session easily turns into 2 hours because of needing to drive to another town
    • people who are relatively tech savvy, but believe me, this is not complicated
    • women for whom confidentiality is crucial; because I do not accept insurance and you are not coming into an office, privacy is much more easily navigated with online counseling
    • especially now, people who are concerned about their health or the health of their families due to transmission of COVID-19

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