• Therapy for Stress in Frederick, MD and Online

    Therapy for stress in Frederick, MD & Online in MD & PA

    Do you ever feel that you’re wound so tight that the slightest quick movement could send you into a back spasm? Are you chronically overworked and under rested? Do you struggle to “settle” even though you know you’re physically and mentally exhausted?

    If you found yourself saying yes to any of these things, you may want to consider therapy for stress.

    Seeking therapy for stress can help to alleviate anxiety, put you at ease in your body, identify if your stress has transitioned into burnout syndrome, and begin to set the boundaries in your life. Therapy for stress may also allow you to give yourself permission to be open to the down time that your mind and body desperately need but is all too easy to ignore in today’s society.

    How can therapy for stress help me?

    Therapy for stress can allow you to learn ways for coping with the stressors and the stress in your life, which often begins with identifying what stressors may be bringing you to therapy.

    Common stressors that many women discuss when seeking therapy for stress include:

    • overwhelming caregiving demands
    • demanding or unclear work expectations
    • chronic pain, undiagnosed medical issues, untreated medical concerns
    • financial concerns
    • family stress in family of origin or created family

    Coping with stress is possible:

    Through therapy for stress, we can identify effective ways of coping with stress. For many people, this begins with recognizing your body’s relationship with stress.

    Coping with stress often includes:

    • identifying where stress presents itself in your body
    • tracking patterns of somatic experiences related to stress in your body
    • learning ways to manage unpleasant physical and emotional shifts within your body
    • creating a more solid mind-body connection that is non-judgmental and more relational
    • finding ways to compartmentalize and separate stress from stressor

    I offer therapy for stress in MD and PA for coping with stress in our lives that has taken over.

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