• Helping moms with anxiety find peace.

    Online therapy for women’s mental health issues, specializing in therapy for anxious moms and postpartum depression counseling.

    Feminist therapy in Frederick, MD and Counseling in Chambersburg, PA via online therapy.

    Reclaiming yourself as a person and parent is possible.

    Being an overwhelmed, anxious mom was never part of the plan.

    My clients have had a plan since they were 10, including the college they wanted to attend, and the name of their first kid. They make dean’s lists and earn promotions, always striving for that next gold star. They’re deeply sensitive, highly empathic, and loved by many. They’ve been doing their absolute best to keep smiling, despite feeling like they’re crumbling from the inside out; no one would ever know that they wake up each day dreading how they might even make it ’til noon without a nap or a breakdown. Despite their overwhelm, they somehow continue to check all the boxes: they make the dinners and they keep everyone on track. When it’s time for bed, they find themselves buzzing with anxiety, unable to sleep, thinking and rethinking schedules, presentations, and the endless tasks that need to be done.

    By the time they come to see me, they feel helpless, run down, and they’re terrified that the “spark” that has been such an essential part of them has gone out for good. They feel stifled at work and unappreciated at home; they yearn to reconnect with how vibrant they used to be. Asking for help is NOT on the to-do list, but staying where they are seems impossible.

    If you’re ready to take charge and learn how to become more in control and less overwhelmed by anxiety, let’s get started. I help moms with anxiety take control of their mental real estate AND their lives so that they can be the kind of person and parent they know is within them.

    Hi, I’m Leah Rockwell, and I specialize in women's mental health issues.

    I’m Leah, a lovingly direct therapist and co-parenting mom of two. I’m a former “professional striver” who knows how scary it is to let go of earning the next gold star. I’m embracing my “good enough” attitude toward life after years of thinking I could get things closer to perfect or just right… and good enough feels so good.

    I get it. You thought you had everything under control. And then you became a mom. Enter self-doubt, loads of uncertainty, anxiety, and all those things you’ve managed to ignore for years bubbling to the surface, and you can’t hold it in anymore.

    It’s ok. No judgment here. I have been there and am here so you don’t have to “go it alone” one more time. 

    Working on women's mental health issues might include:

    Healthily managing burnout and stress

    Learning to set and hold boundaries with yourself and others

    Becoming a mom who enjoys her kids rather than tolerates them

    Healing from trauma that was either brought on or brought up by becoming a mom

    Developing self-compassion

    Understanding and coping with postpartum depression or other maternal mental health concerns

    Learning about how to manage anxiety

    And living, rather than simply surviving each day.

    Ready to manage that mom overwhelm?

    How can online therapy for women's mental health issues help me?

    Busy women seeking counseling often prefer online therapy because it is accessible, flexible, and allows them to engage in self-care on their own terms from the comfort of their own homes. I am proud to offer licensed professional online therapy services for women located in Pennsylvania or Maryland.

    The issues that clients most often seek my help with, and for which online therapy works well, are:



    constant need to feel productive, trouble resting

    co-dependency & people pleasing

    burnout and toxic work environments, career concerns

    compassion fatigue

    difficulty setting boundaries

    grief or loss of identity

    postpartum counseling

    trouble managing time off or down time

    issues related to becoming a mom

    Those seeking therapy for women's mental health issues often identify as:

    • Moms whose careers or on hold while raising kids
    • Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s)
    • Medical residents, physicians in training, other healthcare professionals
    • Introverts/ambiverts
    • Former boarding school or independent school students
    • Deep feelers/thinkers/intuitives
    • Late Gen X’ers or Millennials
    • Professors/Academics
    • Please note that I work with women & womxn – this is up to my clients to decide and share the way in which they gender identify


    Online Therapy in Frederick, Maryland

    Maybe you’re in Frederick, or maybe you’re in Fells Point. If you’re located in Maryland, online therapy in Maryland is an option for you. Because we offer online therapy for overwhelmed moms, we are accessible throughout the state of Maryland, specializing in therapy in Frederick, MD, on account of our familiarity with that area. Let’s face it – you don’t need one more errand.


    Counseling in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

    Whether you live in Chambersburg, PA or in Center City Philly, our online counseling services to help you recover from burnout has many benefits, all from the comfort of your home. Overwhelmed moms prefer the ease of online counseling in PA rather than one more appointment to run to.

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